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Amref Kenya

Job Description

Amref Health Africa in Kenya is the country programme office of Amref Health Africa, Africa’s largest International Health NGO. This is the largest and oldest country programme in Africa with an average annual budget of USD 40million. We have 19 innovative products and project models that have successfully been implemented and transformed 5.4 million lives.REF: AFD/ATO/10-09-2021 


  • Responsible for maintaining safe and effective ground movement of towing aircraft including the supervision of safe start-up procedures.
  • Perform towing operations and cleaning aircraft while observing the highest safety standards in accordance with AMREF Flying Doctors standards of operation.


1. Aircraft Towing

  • Conducting an operational inspection of the tow tractor and tow bar ensuring all equipment used has a serviceable tag and is valid before every use
  • Performing towing task as per the directive of the Operations duty Officer/Flight Crew/Maintenance Perform safe manoeuvring of aircraft inside/outside hangar
  • Monitor radio communication towing request instruction as by the Operations duty Officer/Flight Crew/Maintenance
  • Communicate and monitor ATC/Ground Control radio communication during all aircraft towing activities
  • Clean and return tow bars to their designated storage area after use

2. Adhering to Safety Regulations and Standards

  • Complying with the company’s towing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at all times and safety regulation standard of KCARS, KAA and IATA
  • Timely reporting of any hazards, incidents or unusual state of the aircraft and equipment under your responsibility to your supervisor or Head of Safety

3. Aircraft cleaning 

  • Cleaning the interior thoroughly using approved cleaning agents. Starting from cleaning the inside so that the aircraft is clean and ready for any mission
  • Embarking on cleaning the outside of the aircraft using water and approved detergents to remove any stubborn stains
  • Placing the oxygen pack back to the aircraft (I do not understand what you mean by oxygen pack)
  • Polishing the aircraft on a monthly basis; a schedule has been prepared to ensure work is done at the right time. Deice boots to be polished with shine master/other approved chemical every 3 weeks
  • Assist in thoroughly cleaning a contaminated aircraft after disinfection in liaison with the Aeromedical team

4. Preparing an aircraft for evacuations

  • Configuring of aircraft seats and cabin as per flight needs. Jet seats reconfiguration to be done under the supervisor of the maintenance department
  • Liaising with Operations Officer/Maintenance or Flight Crew to call the fuel company for re-fueling and checking the fuel levels appropriate for a flight
  • In liaison with the fuel providers to top up fuel after completion of a flight
  • Ensuring there are enough supplies for each mission i.e. of drinking water, snacks, medical masks, oil cans and prist etc.
  • In liaison with Flight Operations enquire on the number of patients or accompanying persons for any additional seats/stretchers
  • Inspecting the lifeport/spectrum aircraft stretchers, for obvious damage, refilling it with oxygen before placing it in the aircraft
  • Load and offload equipment or luggage into an aircraft
  • Screening luggage before/after arrival or departure, of the aircraft a loading/offloading and the same in the aircraft or ground ambulance
  • Adding of the engine oil/or fuel additives as per instructions of the Flight crew or Maintenance team
  • When the aircraft is about to start, connect the ground power unit as per the start-up procedure Connect the GPU to the aircraft as required or as instructed by flight/maintenance crew, disconnect the GPU and remove the chocks as per flight/maintenance crew instructions
  • Before the engine start-up, ensure the fuel tests are done under the supervision of the flight crew
  • When the aircraft is parked ensure the tail stand, all wheels chocked fore and after and the same is removed before aircraft departure

5. Refueling and Defueling

  • Assist the contracted Fuel suppliers in the fueling of the company aircraft as per the Flight Operations or Flight crew requirements
  • When an aircraft is back from a mission, arrange and assist top up fuel as per company minimum requirements or Pilot instructions
  • Before fueling, confirm the fuel meter reading of the fuel truck and ensure it tallies with the fuel receipt
  • Use of fuel additives while fueling for aircraft as per company policy
  • Wear PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) when on refuelling or defueling tasks
  • Ensure after refuelling the fuel receipt is signed by the Flight Crew or signed on their behalf and noted in the Tech Log

6. Loading & Offloading

  • Loading of luggage and cargo into the aircraft as per Captain or operations instructions
  • Assisting the medical team with loading/offloading the patient and passenger onto/out of the aircraft
  • Offloading luggage, medical equipment from aircraft

7. Office support

  • Supporting the department to collectively achieve its overall objective • Performing any other work-related tasks as required



  • KCSE certificate or equivalent
  • Certificate in Basic First Aid
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Completion of ATC Radio communication training
  • Certificate of aircraft towing

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

  • Minimum 3 years’ consecutive work experience in towing operations
  • Demonstrated record in towing of aircraft
  • Good understanding of KAA regulations and Customs rules
  • Knowledge in Basic First Aid
  • Knowledge of Airside Driving
  • Knowledge of Airside Safety Awareness
  • Basic knowledge in ICT skills
  • General aviation and aircraft knowledge

Skills and competencies

  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to observe all the safety standards and report incidences in a timely manner.
  • Ability to follow instructions and implement SOPs
  • Ability to find solutions in a challenging work environment
  • Ability to provide good customer service
  • Ability to keep calm under pressure
  • Ability to work effectively with others
  • Ability to prioritize and manage time
  • Application of professional work ethics and integrity


  • Based at AMREF Flying Doctors Hangar, Wilson airport. AMREF Flying Doctors has a 24-hour work environment.

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